v7 Gesture Control

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

v7 allows a seated vehicle driver to issue ACS API commands as well as your own custom commands for custom scripts on chat channel 4. These are the same commands you can use/assign with the Driver HUD.

These chat commands can be assigned to an SL Gesture and then assigned to keyboard controls such as function keys or other gesture-allowed keys.

For example, by creating a new gesture and assigning the chat command /4 Flight to the function key F2, the seated vehicle driver can simply press F2 to toggle flight mode on and off. If you have a combat system installed such as VICE or K-Damage, you can assign a gesture keyboard command to fire the driver weapon.

The complete list of ACS API commands is listed here. These are the same commands you can trigger from the Driver HUD or even from a button in the vehicle linkset.

Gestures must be worn by the driver, so you will need to include the gestures with the vehicle when distributing it.

Even without a gesture worn, chat commands can be issued directly by a seated driver on chat channel 4. For example, saying /4 Horn or /4 Burnout in chat will trigger the horn or burnout. /4 Cam C will load the preset C camera settings.

However, assigning these to a gesture or triggering from the Driver HUD is normally going to be a little more convenient for use. Still, you may sometimes find it useful to say /4 Record and /4 Return to record a position coordinate and return the vehicle back to it.

Read about SL Gestures


  • You can place gestures in the vehicle. If there are gestures inside the vehicle inventory, a Gestures button will appear in the vehicle's Options, Advanced menu after you have rebooted the vehicle. Touching this button will deliver a folder of the gestures.
  • Explain in your vehicle HELP notecard placed inside the vehicle along with other instructions, how to use any included gestures and what they key controls are. Some may not understand that gestures must be worn in order to operate.

Things to Know

  • Anybody can make their own gestures that work with an ACS vehicle. Your vehicle owners may wish to create and assign their own gestures using the ACS API commands.

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