Fuel System

What is it?

Fuel System is a free and optional RP fuel system for use with any vehicle script.

Get it at my shop here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Panhead/119/184/22

How does it work?

If a vehicle has the tank script added to the root prim, then any driver wearing the free Fuel System HUD can now use simulated fuel when the vehicle is in motion. If they run out of fuel, the vehicle stops operating. The HUD wearer can fuel up at a Fuel System enabled pump, or even use a fuel can for a small amount of fuel when away from a pump. Removing the HUD will bypass the Fuel System entirely. The vehicle operates normally for anyone not using the Fuel System HUD, so the presence of the tank script does not affect vehicle use for vehicle drivers who choose not to use the system.

How do I refuel?

Place a Fuel System Pump script in an object (such as a fuel pump). You can place it in pumps in your existing gas station if you have modify rights, or make a new pump object. Then, while wearing your Fuel system HUD, touch the pump to refuel. You must be within a few meters of the pump.

Does it require that I use a certain vehicle script?

No, it is designed to work in any vehicle. If you did not build the vehicle, you will need at least modify permission to add the Tank script.

What if the vehicle operator does not want to use the Fuel System?

They simply do not wear the Fuel System HUD, and the vehicle will operate as normal.

Can I distribute vehicles using Fuel System or include the Fuel System HUD with my vehicles or distribute my own Fuel Pumps or Fuel Cans?

YES. It is free to distribute and what you like with. You can advertise your sales vehicles as Fuel System Enabled and include the tank script, as it will not affect the vehicle operation unless the driver chooses to use the Fuel System HUD. You can redistribute Fuel System packs. There is even a dash-mount fuel gauge prim you can add to your vehicle that is active when a driver wearing the Fuel System HUD is seated.

Where do I get it?

Free on Marketplace, from any Fuel System user with a Fuel System giver unit, or at my shop: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Panhead/119/184/22


  1. Place Tank script in vehicle
  2. Wear Fuel System HUD
  3. Place Pump script in pump object and touch it to refuel


Get new fuel system enabled freebies and discuss and share pump locations.


  • Vehicle gets Tank script placed in the root.
  • Driver wears Fuel System HUD
  • When vehicle is in motion, fuel is deducted from the HUD.
  • Driver must touch a Fuel System enabled Pump to refuel (with HUD on)
  • When fuel is empty, the vehicle will eject the driver
  • The vehicle will always operate if the driver is not wearing a Fuel System HUD

There are three main parts:

1. Pump script - Drop it into any prim to turn it into a fuel pump, such as an existing gas pump.

2. Tank Script. - Drop this to any vehicle root to make the vehicle Fuel System enabled. Anyone sitting on the vehicle with a FuelSystem HUD will make the system active. For anyone else, there will be no difference in normal vehicle operation

3. Fuel System HUD - Very simple HUD attachment with fuel level indicator. Can be linked to another HUD or modified, just rez it on the ground.

Fuel Can

This can be used once between pump visits to refuel approximately 10%. Unlike a pump, it can be worn as an attachment.
As with the pump script, simply place your fuel can script in your own object if you desire.


Both the gas can and fuel pump play back a sound. To replace the sound, simply place a single sound file in the prim along with the pump or fuel can script.

Dash Mount Fuel Gauge:

These two prims are full permission so you can link them into your vehicle. The needle prim contains a script., and so you will need that prim even if you replace the graphic.
If somebody sits on a Fuel System active vehicle with a Fuel System HUD, the fuel level will show on the gauge.

I will be giving out more gauges, digital readouts etc for HUD and vehicle mounting, as well as matching speedometers etc as time permits.

How much will this end up costing?

Nothing, it is for fun and designed to be a free system and work with any vehicle system as long as the builder adds the tank script, or in vehicles with modify permission, anyone can add the tank script.

Will it cause any lag?

The scripts themselves are very tiny, and objects such as the Pump are not active until specifically touched, they do not leave any open listens or sensors.

Other notes:

Fuel is currently technically stored in the Fuel System HUD and not in the actual vehicle, to discourage re-rezzing of copy of vehicle with full tank.
Thus currently the fuel level actually travels with the driver, not the individual vehicle.

Fuel is only measured when the vehicle is in motion, not with the engine running/idling. This is to allow the Tank script to work with any existing scripted vehicle, and different vehicle scripting systems do not have the same methods of indicating whether the engine is running, if at all.

Currently there is no charge option set for refueling at a fuel pump.