Place the exhaust script inside a prim that you wish the exhaust smoke to emit from.

  • The Exhaust script simply triggers a particle routine of smoke while the engine is operating.
  • You can edit the particle settings yourself by experimenting with the values directly in the exhaust script.
  • You can also use a particle generating HUD or device to spit out your own custom particle routine and then paste it into the script.
  • As well as the Exhaust script in the Child Prims Script Box you will find additional modified exhaust scripts.

Exhaust mods particle scripts:
Included in the Additional Scripts box

These are modified Exhaust scripts (including the original) with some fun particle routine versions included. They do not go in your root prim!
They are full perm so you can replace these particles with your own settings.

The Exhaust script turns on with the engine. The modified versions (EX) included here will not activate unless the vehicle is in motion, unlike the regular exhaust which runs with the engine.

With an exhaust script in the vehicle, after reboot you should see the exhaust on/off switch in the menu. You can use that to turn off the alternate particle versions in these EX exhaust mods.

Particles emit from the center of a prim, so in order to make them appear to come from the end of pipes or a bottom of a tire, you will need to place an invisible or tiny hidden prim to house the script.
For tire tracks that means a prim down inside the bottom of your rear tire.

People use these for dust particles from tank treads, snow particles from snow mobiles, flame particles, etc.

Included Particle Toys pack:

  • Boat Wake/Smoke Trail
  • LightCycle Particles
  • Tire Track EX
  • Skid & Burnout Tire Track