Required Root Prim Script

Optional Customizations

You can choose a default gear when sitting on the vehicle other than first by changing the StartingGear.

integer         StartingGear =          2;

Although switchable via the menu, you can choose your gear shifting style at the top of the ** Engine** script around line 48:

integer         O_S_C =             FALSE; //SHIFT STYLE. Default FALSE. Set to TRUE to use E/C keys for gear shifting instead of shift + arrowkeys. Use back arrow plus E for wheelie.

If you want the vehicle to turn in place without being in motion, you can set TurnWhileStopped to TRUE

integer         TurnWhileStopped =      TRUE;

You may want to change the default text presented by the vehicle. Simply change the text that appears between the quote marks.

string          Msg_Ride =          "Drive"; //Command to ride  chopper on Pie Menu
string          Msg_Start =         "Hello there!"; //Greeting message. Set to "" to disable. 
string          Msg_End =           "That's a load off"; //End message when exiting. Set to "" to disable.

Here is where to customize the mouselook settings:

integer         MBnk =              TRUE; //  TRUE or FALSE. Turn on banking mode for mouselook
integer         Auto_Mouselook =    FALSE; // TRUE or FALSE. Turn on mouselook automatically when seating.
integer         Mo_Turn_Power =     500; //75// Mouselook Turning Power;