Driver Hud
  • Wear the Driver HUD, clock on it to open it and click on the buttons to expand the menus. With it on, you can touch a vehicle to connect it.
  • The Driver HUD should be distributed with transfer and copy permissions. Drop it in the root of the vehicle and the owner (or guest rider) can choose to get one from the menu.
  • You can rename the HUD, but it must contain HUD in the object name so the vehicle knows it is there and can add the Get HUD feature to the menu (after you reboot the vehicle).
  • Rez the HUD on the ground in order to resize or unlink prims such as one of the two speedometers.
  • Graphic skin textures are included full permission inside the root. You can save these to your local hard drive for editing your own, just drop your own back in the Driver HUD and chose the HUD SKIN button to cycle to your custom texture. Selecting it and choosing Reset All Scripts In Selection from your viewer will erase the stored skin memory.
  • The Driver HUD is not required for vehicle use. Some people like HUDs, some don't. You do not need to distribute the HUD with the vehicle.

If you do not set the Driver HUD to have transfer and copy permissions, a guest rider on the next owner's vehicle will not be able to get a HUD from the vehicle.

Create your own Driver HUD to connect to ACS vehicles using the free ACS Custom HUD API Kit