Drifter Mod Pack

ACS Drifter Mod pack

This is a setup specifically for AUTOMOBILES. (No banking support included).
To use, all you need is a vehicle with at least v5.1 installed.

  1. Set the permissions on the scripts (no mod/no transfer)
  2. Swap out your Root menu, Root Settings, and Engine in you v5.1+ vehicle's root for these Drifter versions.
  3. Drive carefully


  • Preloaded (in settings) with the CRX soundset created specifically for the Drifter mod. The CRX soundset is included as an additional ACS soundpack in case you wish to use it in another setup.
  • Flight mode, mouselook and automatic transmission are not active in this mod and they are not shown in the menu, but all other functions should be supported.
  • Due to the speeds possible, you will likely need to adjust your camera settings from the vehicle menu to accommodate
  • By default, shifting keys are set to classic to E/C/PageUp/PageDown shifting, to switch to classic KCP style, choose ShiftStyle from the > Advanced menu