DoorSystem (7.0)

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

The DoorSystem script is a single root prim script that allows you to create touch-activated opening/closing prim positions for individual prims or groups of prims in the vehicle linkset. These recorded positions also scale when the vehicle resizer is used from the menu. DoorSystem prims are not just for car doors, but for any prim or prim group that needs to reposition on touch, such as trunks, hoods, motorcycle luggage lids, etc. DoorSystem prims can be set up to work with power windows and even door-mounted lock prims.

Setup requires you to use the Mechanic HUD to touch-select prims or groups of prims and then record their open and closed position.

After setup, these prims are touch-activated and respond to the vehicle lock/access system. You can also assign sounds to the open and close events.

Place a single copy of DoorSystem in the root prim, not in each door prim.

Upgrading from earlier ACS versions:

You will need to remove any old door scripts and re-program your doors using the Mechanic HUD.


  • Install/inject the DoorSystem script in the vehicle root.
  • From the [[[wiki:MCH]|Mechanic HUD]]] Main Menu, select DoorSystem.
  • Choose Touch Select Doors and then touch the prim or prims you wish to assign as a door.
  • Assuming your door prim(s) are in the closed position, select Record Doors Closed
  • Reposition the selected door prim(s) to the open position and select Record Doors Open
  • On the Mechanic HUD, select Main Menu to exit setup mode and then test your door prim(s) by touching them.

Repeat the process for any other door prims. You can add more doors whenever, or go back and re-position existing door prims.

Doors will not operate by your touch while you are in setup mode, you must exit back to the Main Menu on the Mechanic HUD before they will be operational.

Other Mechanic HUD menu options for DoorSystem setup:

All Doors Open/All Doors Closed: sets all door prims in the open or closed position.
Clear Current Selection: de-selects any selected prims
Clear All Doors: deletes ALL stored door settings for the entire linkset

Door Sounds

Door sounds are set by UUID in the Root Settings script:

string          DoorOpen =          "18963ebb-00b6-cca5-8a91-2aa9b24f03ae";
string          DoorClosed =        "6d7986d9-140b-e1c6-de07-ab85efa7f5d7";

If you need to assign a sound that is no-modify for you, and you cannot acquire its UUID, you can refer to it by name instead, though you must place a copy of the sound file of the same name in the vehicle root:

string          DoorOpen =          "door06";

Things to Know

  • You can add and remove other links from the linkset after setting up doors, but if you unlink a door prim it will lose its stored positions.
  • Single prim door prims are able to use a slower smoother transition style. Grouped door prims do not - mainly because they will travel on different paths and appear incorrectly oriented to each during the slow reposition.
  • If you intend to set up Power Windows or Locks Prims attached to the door prim, you must record the door positions first with those additional prims as part of the door (in their closed positions) before recording those prims with those other systems.

Trunk sounds

A second and different set of open and closing sounds can be assigned to a particular door by adding the trunk keyword to link names. The TrunkOpen and TrunkClosed sounds assigned in the Root Settings will be used instead when those prims are touched.

string          TrunkOpen =          "18963ebb-00b6-cca5-8a91-2aa9b24f03ae";
string          TrunkClosed =        "6d7986d9-140b-e1c6-de07-ab85efa7f5d7";

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