Much of your customizing can be done using the Mechanic HUD and the > Controls settings from the menu.

The > Controls settings allow you to add and remove gears and set the gear powers, adjust steering, gravity and turbo

There are some behaviors you will want to adjust in the scripts themselves. You will find settings to edit sounds, displayed messages, and other vehicle behaviors at the top of the Engine, Root Menu and Root Settings scripts. There are comments at the top of the scripts with suggestions of what to change.

After making any changes to the scripts, reboot the vehicle so the scripts connect up properly.

Always make backups of your vehicle while editing, just in case things go horribly and terribly wrong.

  • Use the Powered Simple Propeller to spin round non-wheel components on any axis such as boat propellers, drive shafts, engine components, helicopter blades, etc.
  • Record custom angles for your front car turning wheels by using the Turning Front End system.
  • If using multiple poses all rendered at the same hip height, you can use the new single pose adjustment option to bypass needing to choose which pose state to adjust every time.
  • Set up for Boat use.
  • Much of handling is affected by the choice, placement and size of your root prim.

See also information about customizing steering and physics