Custom Animations

For a truly custom vehicle you will want to end up designing your own poses/animations, so they better match each other and so you can fit them to your build instead of the other way around.

In world tools such as AnyPose and U-Poser allow you to edit your poses directly over your vehicle, pose two avatars together, and even make animated poses. They generate .BVH files to save via the web to upload from your computer.

You can pick these two fine posing systems up in vendors in front of my shop! U-Poser has a rent to own by the week option which allows you the opportunity to make poses very inexpensively.

When uploading your generated .BVH files, be sure to set your poses to loop and priority level 4. You would not need to check loop if the pose is triggered only briefly and not held in place, as in a shift pose or starting animation.

It is important to understand the hip height of animations for vehicles. They need to be rendered at a ground sit level so as not to interfere with vehicle banking and to prevent pose bounding box lift.

See this video for more explanation: Avoiding problems with Second Life vehicle poses