V6 CornerFX

CornerFX optional effect is primarily is for cars, to trigger smoke and a sound effect from the tires while making sharp turns at higher speeds.

Smoke will be triggered by CornerFX from tires/prims with the burn keyword

CornerFX can be turned on in the > Options, > Advanced, > Extras menu. It is off by default until you turn it on from the menu, or manually set CornerFXON to TRUE in the Root Settings script

CornerFX parameters are assigned at the top of the Root Settings script:

integer         CornerFXON =           FALSE;
float           CornerFXSmokeThresh=   0.5; //drift smoke turn strength threshhold. Range 0.1 - 3.5 The higher this is, the stronger turn is required
float           CornerFXSmokeVel=      15;  //The velocity before CornerFX smoke can be triggered.
string          CornerFXSound =        "632706df-a5b8-16a4-c5ab-48c8a1ba14cf";// Custom sound for CornerFX. Set to "" for none
float           CornerFXVolume=        0.3; //CornerFX sound Volume range 0.0 - 1.0