v7 ColorSystem (v7.0)

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

ColorSystem allows you to assign up to eight different prim face groups for the vehicle owner to change color and up to eight categories for shine levels.

For example you might assign vehicle body panels to Color Group 1, wheel rims to Color Group 2, interior or upholstery to Color Group 3. The vehicle owner will then be able to select the color or shine group from the > Options, > Graphics, > ColorSys menu, and change the color/tint for that color group.

You can also assign names to the color groups for the user to choose from if more than one color group is assigned.

ColorSystem only changes color and shine properties on the assigned prims and has no effect on the actual textures on the prims or any affect on the other graphics systems such as PaintSystem.

Setting up consists of installing/injecting the single ColorSystem script to the root along with the ColorSystem notecard, and then using the Mechanic HUD to touch-select prim faces and then record them to a group.

Once color and shine groups are assigned to faces on a prim, you can unlink that prim and re-link it back into the same or other vehicle, as group number assignments are stored with the prim. Only the group names are stored in the ColorSystem script and will be erased if you remove/reset the script.

After you have assigned at least one color or shine group using the Mechanic HUD, the Color option will appear in the vehicle > Options, > Graphics menu.

As with the other graphics systems such as PaintSystem, you can assign different groups to different faces on the same prim. For example, if your mesh car door has an exterior and interior face, you can assign each face on that prim to a different groups.

> Custom Color: From the user menu, the user will be able to apply any of the colors to a color group that you have set up in the ColorSystem notecard. The user can also select the > Custom color option from the end of the list of colors and enter an LSL Color Vector directly.

Upgrading from earlier ACS versions:

Previously in ACS this system was configured using a script called GFX-C or GFX-TC. There were only two color and shine groups that affected all faces on the prim, assigned by manually adding keywords to the prim names such as color1 and shine2. The new ColorSystem allows up to 8 groups for both color and shine on individual prim faces, and groups must be set up using touch-select from the Mechanic HUD.

If you are updating a vehicle from a previous version of ACS with color/shine prim keyword assignments for GFX-C/GFX-TC, drop in the ACS v6-v7 Linkset Conversion Tool to convert the old keywords to the new system, assigning color and shine groups 1 & 2 to new groups 1 & 2. This method will assign all faces of the converted prims to the groups.

In the older GFX-C and GFX-TC systems, adding custom colors had to be done directly in the script. The new ColorSystem instead reads your custom LSL colors from the ColorSystem notecard.


  • Install/inject the ColorSystem script into the vehicle root along with the ColorSystem notecard.
  • Connect the Mechanic HUD, and from it's menu choose GRAPHICS and then COLOR GROUPS
  • From the Mechanic HUD menu select a group between 1-8 such as COLOR GROUP 1
  • From the Mechanic HUD menu select TOUCH SELECT FACES
  • Now touch the prim faces on the vehicle to assign to the current group, they should alternately flash to indicated they are selected.
  • From the Mechanic HUD menu select RECORD COLOR GROUP 1 (or whichever group # instead of 1 you are working on). Your selected faces are now assigned.
  • From the Mechanic HUD menu select MAIN MENU to exit setup mode.
  • Now touch the vehicle and choose > Options, > Advanced, > Graphics and then Colors. You will then be able to select any from any color or shine groupings that have been assigned and change their properties.

Note: Reboot the vehicle after setting up to correctly sync up the different systems.

Other Mechanic HUD menu options for ColorSystem setup:

  • Clear Current Selection: Simply de-selects any flashing selected prim faces
  • Show Color/Shine Group: See which prim faces are assigned to the current group
  • Name Color/Shine Group: Assign a name to the group for identification purposes in the user menu (optional)
  • Wipe Color/Shine Group: Lets you choose a category from the menu to remove from the entire vehicle linkset
  • Wipe All Categories: Remove all PaintSystem prim faces assignments from the entire vehicle linkset.

ColorSystem notecard

  • Reboot the vehicle to read in your ColorSystem notecard after adding it or making changes.

ColorSystem reads your custom color names and LSL Color Vector values from a notecard in the vehicle root named just ColorSystem.

Capitalization and spelling must match on the notecard name. An example ColorSystem notecard is included that you are free to use in your vehicle, or you can create your own. Adding and changing colors is easy, an example notecard looks like this:

pink, <1,0.75,0.8>

On a single line, put the color name followed by an LSL Color Vector. You must include the < and >.

If the notecard is not included, ColorSystem will only display a short preset list of colors.

You are free to use the ColorSystem notecard included with ACS in your builds, or you may wish to make your own. Put only one color name and color vector on each line. Don't forget the comma after the color name. Nothing else should be in the notecard. If the vector is not valid, the line will be ignored

v7.0 supports up to 128 color entries in your notecard.

Color Picker HUD (v7.0)

The v7.0 Driver HUD can display a Color Picker gradient panel that the wearer can touch to send a color (and tint brightness level) to a selected color group.

To operate, go to the color select menu on the vehicle menu, the menu where your color choices are offered. Then from the Driver HUD, open the Color Picker panel (in the example HUD under the SETTINGS menu) then touch colors on the panel to send them to the selected Color Group.

If you prefer to create your own color selection system or use a different color picker prim on your custom HUD, it just needs to send a color vector the HUD root script on link channel 100. If a color group menu is open on the vehicle, the color will be applied to that group.

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