Changes to v6.0 from v6 Beta editions:

Park Offset value has been restored to the Engine, set to 0.0 by default.

Remote Adjust: A more efficient replacement system for the old v5 Mechanic HUD pose adjustment has been added. A vehicle owner can now click the Remote Adj button from the > Options, >Advanced, > Extras menu to enable remote access to the vehicle menu. This allows vehicle builders to make adjustments through the vehicle menu after it is transferred to the buyer, such as position adjustments, resizing, control adjustments. Vehicle owners can be seated on the vehicle while the remote access is used to make adjustments. Remote Adjust can be disabled again through the same menu option by the owner, or by locking (from remote or by owner) or re-rezzing the vehicle.

Enhanced response Pivoting Wheel script, as well as the inverse steering edition. This was rebuilt to respond slightly faster for turning.

Spelling correction (oops)

Resizer option missing from menu has been fixed.

Flight Mode correctly activates the Ride animation if no Flight animation is present.

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