Changes from v5 beta pre-release 6 (PR6)

There are many of bug fixes and streamlining, many improvements with the pose system and other things like flight mode that were messed up in the betas are fixed.
Also some root prim scripts are renamed for the sake of clarity; the main Root Animator functions are now contained in the Park & Resizer script.

Fully integrated automatic Over 32 prim mode, no extra script required:

If you were not aware, new mesh controls allow a special physics mode that lets you use a higher prim count than 32 for vehicles up to a certain point. Previously this was achieved simply by manually setting parameters on the prims in certain newer viewers, or by dropping in the KCP Over32 script which sets up the vehicle automatically and is not viewer dependent.

Prim counts are still limited based on physics parameters of the prims, you will need some set to a special solid mode (convex hull) as to not sink into the ground, but the more prims set to solid the less free physics cost you have for additional prims.

  • v5.1 integrates the KCP Over32 prim script in the regular root prim scripts, so no additional setup script is needed and it will kick in automatically if you exceed 32 prims.
  • If you link more than 32 prims into the vehicle it will automatically use the special mesh/high prim mode.
  • This will automatically set all prims with the solid keywords (as well as those with wheel or tire in the name) to solid/convex hull, required as to not sink into the ground.
  • If you unlink to 32 prims or less, it will revert the prim physics back to standard prim style.
  • The vehicle will report how much physics costs you are using. Setting prims to solid/convex hull uses up your physics cost, which is why you want as few prims set to solid as possible. (For bikes, consider an invisible elongated half sphere shield prim acting as a physics sled around the bottom of the vehicle, while leaving the top clear so driver and passengers can still properly select sit target prims)
  • If you don't link over 32 prims, the mode will not engage and you don't have to worry about it.

Proper Turning Front End for Bikes with spinning sculpted components.

The previous beta offered a round-about way to setup actual steering front-end bikes to synchronize with your turn poses. Unfortunately it was limited to less than 32 prim mode and using rudimentary texture animation on the wheel prims. That is all fixed! Now you can have fully turning motorcycle front end using any rim/tire etc prims. After setting up, your vehicle owner can now also choose to disable or enable the front end turning (and any accompanying left/right poses) from the > Extras menu. Just in case they wish to turn it off in high lag areas or for racing.

Setup is fairly simple:

  1. Make sure you have the v5.1 Animator script in the root. (An optional root script required for animated turning or flight mode animation)
  2. For Any front rims/tires/combination wheel, the spinning stuff requires a special Turning Front End Bike Wheel script. Add these to the front wheel prims while the wheels are in normal position!
  3. Record LEFT and RIGHT turning positions for your front end prims using the PARK AND ANIMATOR SETUP TOOL or the Mechanic HUD, just as if you were recording your Park Routine.
  4. Depending on how severe your front turn angle is, you may want to add an invisible shield prim to prevent repositioning front end components from actually repositioning into the ground (Shield must be set to solid if using over 32 prims)
  5. Optionally assign and activate left-right turning poses so your hands match the handlebar positions.

Note: The special Turning Front End Bike Wheel script is different than the pivoting-wheel script you use for cars, they operate differently and serve different purposes.
Just as with Park or Flight animation, you can reposition any prims in the build to respond to left or right, not just the front end components.

Single pose adjustment option for custom pose creators (or users of custom sets):

If using multiple poses that are all rendered at the same hip height, this option just uses one master position and rotation adjust so you do not need to adjust for each individual pose. Whenever you go to adjust, they all adjust and share the same position. The rider need only adjust any active pose and all will match the position, and this skips having to select which pose they are adjusting. A much easier experience for the vehicle owner. To enable simple set Single_Position to TRUE at the top of the Root Sit and also optionally the passenger-prim.
Single pose adjustment is also automatic if there is only one pose in the vehicle root.
If you have a mixture of poses rendered at different heights you should NOT use this option, and need not change anything.

Passenger Pose Sync added to the Root Sit menu

Previously it required the Mechanic HUD to be connected to the vehicle. Now from the driver's > Position, > Tools menu, the selection Sync Pass will synchronize the current driver pose to the currently activated passenger pose.

Automatic Pose Activation/Setup

Instead of activating and assigning poses with the Mechanic HUD or Pose Activator Tool, you can simply drop poses in the root one at a time and the vehicle will scan for keywords in the pose name and assign accordingly. Removing poses will de-activate them and their state.

A pose with the correct keyword in the name (such as reverse or left) will automatically activate that state and assign that pose. You can of course over-ride the automatic assignment using the Mechanic HUD or Pose Activator Tool, just run the tool or Mechanic HUD assignment after adding your poses. Also, you can re-assign poses (for activated states) as usual from the Driver menu.

As always, you do not need to and may not want to use poses for ALL states. You can use just one or any combination of states.
!!! Your drive or ride keyword pose should be the first one you place in the vehicle. !!!

  • Keywords drive or ride will assign the pose to the normal drive/ride position.
  • idle to the idle position
  • park to the primary park pose position. (Your park list still is built automatically, the last park keyword pose dropped in will be the primary one)
  • reverse for the reverse gear pose
  • left and right for left and right steering/leaning poses.
  • start for your start animation
  • wheelie or shift for the wheelie/shift animation. (If you want the wheelie animation to be triggered by gear shifting instead of wheelie, you must assign Shift_Pose to TRUE at the top of the Engine script.)

The vehicle uses the last pose added in to assign. Removing poses will de-activate them automatically.
If there's only one pose in the vehicle, it will use that no matter what it is called.

If you cannot rename your poses to match the needed keywords, you can always assign them (and activate the needed states) with the Mechanic HUD or the classic drop-in v5.1 Pose Activator Tool.

Adjustable spin rate for scriptless wheels and scripted wheels.

There's a new variable at the top of the Settings script called Spin_Rate which is the speed multiplier for any scriptless wheels and scripted v5.1 wheels. Now you can adjust the speed by editing this value. The spinning is a client-side viewer effect and may appear slightly differently on different viewers.

GFX Presets: Additional New Graphics System

This new GFX Presets add-on script allows you to record up to five graphics configuration presets for your vehicle, for user recall. GFX Presets works along side the optional GFX-TC system and KCPaint system. If your users further customize the vehicle with the other graphics systems, they can always recall the stock appearance using a GFX-Preset. Owners can erase the GFX Preset scripts from the menu when finished customizing, so no worries about added script time for performance vehicles.

GFX-C & GFX-T update: GFX-TC

The original GFX-C and GFX-T scripts are now ultra-streamlined for memory maximization AND combined into one, GFX-TC. It still gives you two color and two shine keywords for your prims, but now you can custom name your (up to 21) texture categories instead of using the old preset ones. It is backward compatible with your existing cfg-paint notecards and prim keywords. (If using the old GFX-T Auto version you will need to update the keywords at the top of the GFX-TC script). GFX-TC is also backward compatible with older versions of the ACS scripts, you can use it in your v4 install.

KCPaint direct chat input.

Now you don't have to even connect a KCPaint HUD at all if you do not want to. Vehicle owners no longer have to have the HUD or learn how to use it. A new option in the vehicle KCPaint menu allows you (or anyone) to simply say the UUID in chat once a KCPaint prim is selected. Users can also REMOVE KCPaint scripts from the vehicle by menu once they have customized the vehicle, so no worries about added script time for performance vehicles. Now you can simply drop KCPaint Prim v5.1 script in any prims you want customizable by the owner, and that's all that needs to be done.

Integrated KCP Bike Vendor support

With v5.1, if you use The KCP Bike Vendor, SL's most popular and powerful motorcycle rezzing vendor system, you no longer need to install a Vendor Control Script in your DEMO/display bike.