Set up for Cars/Automobiles (v6)

The difference between vehicle scripts for non-flying vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, boats is normally a small adjustment in the physics values. ACS has been used in cars and boats since day one, even before adding car specific features like turning front wheels and Door Scripts. Motorcycles need to be able bank on turns and boats need a flag set so they will float on water. Aside from that, the forces that need to be applied for movement and steering, and controls for those are essentially the same.

Cars need banking turned off, and front Pivoting Wheel scripts. And while your root prim should always be centered in the vehicle, you will need to adjust your driver position from the center to the driver side of the vehicle.

Additional Set up for Cars

  • From the > Options, > Controls, > Banking menu, adjust Banking to zero (or press Zero Bank).
  • For rear wheel scripts, use the regular Wheel Script.


  • You may wish to install Door Scripts for operational doors, trunk, hood, etc.
  • Use the BALANCE TO OPPOSITE function on the Mechanic HUD to evenly space prims on either side of your root, such as wheels, headlights, or indicators.
  • Use the Pivoting Component script for disc brakes or other parts that pivot with the wheel, but do not spin like a wheel.
  • Use the Smooth Door script to set up power windows with sound effects

Quick Setup