v7 Wheel Camber Angle (BETA)

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

Requires v7beta(B+) or newer

ACS v7 has an optional adjustment for wheel camber angle.

You can set an initial camber amount in the Root Settings by changing the Camber variable.

If you want wheel camber angle to be adjustable by menu, in the Root Settings, set CamberAdjust to TRUE. This will add camber adjustment options to the vehicle menu under >Controls, >Steering, >More.

In order for prims to respond to the camber setting, they must be scripted using the v7 Pivoting Wheel or Fixed Wheel scripts.

The camber feature is designed for vehicles with parallel wheel pairs, and non-centered wheels such as standard automobiles. Motorcycles or tri-wheeled vehicles should have Camber set to 0.0 and CamberAdjust set to FALSE


  • **Link the wheel prims into the build at a zero camber angle and they should be in that position when injecting/adding wheel scripts. After a reboot, any camber adjustment in the Root Settings will be applied.

Things to know

  • In order to use camber with wheel prims that are part of a range of prims used with TurnSystem, the camber must be fixed (non-menu-adjustable). And if that is the case, the desired wheel camber must already be set up and applied before recording prim positions for those wheels using TurnSystem.
  • (For wheel version beyond B+) Camber is not applied for wheels centered to the root prim, in order for vehicles such as 3-wheelers to have camber on wheel pairs but not centered wheels.

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