Boat Setup
  • You will likely prefer to use the included Mariner engine mod for boats, as it uses a cruise-control system and introduces special new banking controls more suitable for boats than the standard ACS engine.

You can choose to use boat mode in the standard ACS engine:

To use your vehicle as a BOAT, at the top of the Root Settings script you must set B_Mode to TRUE.
You can also adjust the float height value F_Height.
You can also set degrees of extra nose lift on forward power speedboats by setting a value for NoseUp

integer         B_Mode =            FALSE;
float           F_Height =          0.15;
float           NoseUp =            20;

You can adjust boat physics directly in the Root Settings script starting at line 155.

You can record animated steering component positions for prims such as sails, rudders, engines by recording left and right positions using Prim Control.

If you just need to pivot a rudder in place, you can use the Pivoting Component

And for boat engine you may want the Powered Simple Propeller