BikeClone Tools

A utility script set from Karyn's.
Featuring BikeClone Replicator & BikeClone Texture Tool
with automatic updates

POWERFUL multi-function builder tool scripts. Great for bike builders or ANY builders.

BikeClone works with sculpties and regular prims. It cannot replicate mesh

  • BikeClone Replicator rezzes your finished bike or other object in your name OR that of a friend, up to 255 prims. It also is convenient for making a clean copy of your build without junk left inside the prims.
  • BikeClone Replicator re-builds your full perm object using your own prims in the original linkset order, including all sculpts and textures that you own full perm. With notecard storage, mirror and clean functions.
  • BikeClone Texture Tool can radically change your building process. In your workshop, you can leave the networked Texture Tool active in your part racks, texture displays or work bikes, then while building your bike you can preview or apply these to your current build by simply touching.
  • Prim Retriever rescues/recovers sculpted or textured prims that have their source texture or map stored inside. Get rid of these annoying assets that were left inside your purchased parts.

Replicator script with Mirror Tools, Cleaner and Materials Tool:

BikeClone Replicator is more than just a cloner/replicator/creator changer, it also includes other powerful features:

  • Linkset Mirror Tools and the ability to store your builds in a notecard and rebuild them from these notecards to a new linkset or even an existing one.
  • The Mirror Tools let you manipulate your linkset by mirroring it in X/Y/Z directions and also rotating the prims in X/Y/Z direction.
  • There's also a Map Flip which flips all the sculpt maps in the build.
  • Cleaner function removes extra prim parameters and wipe sit targets and floating text. Get rid of old sit targets that make avatars sit on the wrong prims.
  • Materials Tool applies a material type to each prim in the linkset, which changes your friction and bounce properties for all prims.
  • BikeClone Replicator is fast and easy, just drop in the Replicator script and a source prim and press a menu option.

Texture Tool script with PartClone: a new way to build

BikeClone Texture Tool is a unique and powerful tool that allows you to simply touch a prim with a source texture or map, and touch a destination prim to apply it.
Drop a copy of Texture Tool into the objects you are working with and they will automatically be networked.

The Texture Tool works on a single object or on multiple. You can touch the prim on one object to transfer its map or texture to a prim on another object.
It copies a source texture to a destination or to multiple matching destinations in the target linkset.

Multiple mode lets you replace all instances of a texture within an object with a different texture.
For example, if you used one specific chrome texture on multiple parts of your bike (or brick on your building), Texture Tool will scan for and replace all of them in the target linkset with the source texture.

PartClone is a special copy function in the texture tool for vehicle builders that transfers the main attributes of an entire source prim to the destination prim.
That means if you have two bikes side by side, you can literally copy the handlebars or rims or seat from one bike to the other - maintaining the original orientation to the root and size.

TextureClone, MapClone and PartClone all come with an undo function. If you don't like the result, choose Undo Last.
All you need do is drop in the Texture Tool in the single or multiple objects, and they are automatically networked and you can freely copy between them by touch.

About BikeClone Tools: Not just for bikes!

Many customers of mine like to apply the sculpt maps and textures included with my parts to their own prims to show as creator. Normally, this means re-sizing and manually applying the maps and textures, a tedious job especially if the bike is already built; hence the Replicator. It reproduces your parts or finished bike (or other object) using your own prims or that of a friend. Now you can grab parts off your display shelf and put a bike together without worrying about preparing the prims from the source maps. Just clone the finished bike and it shows in your name.

I have customers who use the root contents box with my script set for the root of their vehicle, but that lists me as the bike's creator. Run your build through BikeClone Replicator, and now the bike or any other object built by you shows you as the object creator.

Sometimes junk gets left inside your parts, including no-trans items that can be frustrating to track down. Running your bike through BikeClone will give you a fresh copy of the bike without the junk inside, perfect for installing a fresh script set.

For BikeClone scripts to work you must have full permission on the objects. If you are applying sculpts or textures to your own builds, they must be your own or you must have permission to do so from the creators.
BikeClone does not make new copies of your existing maps and textures, it simply re-applies them to new prims.

BikeClone can be used on any full perm build of yours, not just bikes.

What's in the box?

The BikeClone Tools set includes the following scripts:

  • BikeClone Replicator script: cloner/replicator/creator changer with linkset Mirror Tools and notecard storage.
  • BikeClone Texture Tool: auto-networked texture & map cloner with PartClone
  • Replicator Slave Script: this goes in the prim rezzed by you or a friend and is used to build your new cloned linkset.
  • Prim Retriever: Rescues/recovers sculpted or textured prims that have their source texture or map actually stored inside.

These scripts are no modify and no transfer. Scripts check for updates and those will be sent automatically.

  • Bike Clone Update Disk - rez this and if there's a newer version of BikeClone Tools it will be automatically delivered.

How Easy?


  1. Rez a single prim, or get a full perm prim from a friend if you want the object rezzed under their name.
  2. Drop the Replicator Slave script inside this prim, and rename name the prim "link" (do not include the ""). You only need to prepare it once and can re-use it any time your are cloning.
  3. Pick up the link and place it in the object you are replicating along with the Replicator script.
  4. Click the object and choose BikeClone from the menu.

Then kick back and watch the show. Your build will be cloned in seconds!

There are two rezzing modes, Basic or Advanced.
Basic is fastest - it rebuilds your bike using textures, colors, sizes, glow, bright, shine, prim names and descriptions.
Advanced mode includes physics, light source, flexy prim, surface texture, floating text, phantom attributes, if you use those in your build at all.
Automatic updates means as SL adds new prim parameters, such as for mesh, you will receive updated scripts that support them.

BikeClone Replicator Mirror Tools:
The Mirror Tools insde the replicator lets you manipulate the current linkset by mirroring it in X/Y/Z directions and also rotating the prims in X/Y/Z direction.
There's also a Map Flip which flips all the sculpt maps in the build.

*BikeClone Replicator does not transfer the contents of the prims themselves when making a copy. You will have to manually re-install any scripts or other contents.

BikeClone script set is no transfer and no modify.
Future updates are free and automatic, and will include new upcoming prim attributes for mesh as soon as they are available for use.