BikeClone Tools Instructions

BikeClone Replicator script:


Prepare the special link prim one time, you can use this prepared prim any time you are cloning an object:

  • Rez a single prim, or get a full perm prim from a friend if you want the object rezzed under their name.
  • Drop the Replicator Slave script inside this prim, and rename name the prim "link" (do not include the "").

You only need to prepare it once and can re-use it any time your are cloning.

Then in the object you are cloning:

  • Drop the link and Replicator script in the object.
  • Click the object and choose BikeClone from the menu.
  • Click Basic or Advanced, and then accept permissions for the rezzed link to link to other objects.

Basic mode is fastest - it rebuilds your bike using textures, colors, sizes, glow, bright, shine, prim names and descriptions.
Advanced mode includes physics, light source, flexy prim, surface texture, floating text, phantom attributes, if you use those in your build at all.


You can record a linkset to a notecard. You can then rez a copy of the object from the notecard using BikeClone Replicator, or apply the notecard data to an existing linkset.
Choose Notecard from the main menu.

Say Card:
says data for the current object in chat. Copy and paste it into a new notecard and save it. Don't worry about cleaning it up or extra lines, BikeClone will sort out the proper data when it rebuilds the item.

Card 2 New:
Rezzes a new linkset and applied the notecard data. You must place the Replicator script in a prim - any prim or object - along with your prepared link and a notecard.
Then from teh Notecard mneu choose Card 2 New, and accept link permissions.

Card 2 This:
Applies a notecard to the CURRENT linkset. The linkset must have the same or more prims as the linkset stored in the notecard.


These manipulate the linkset that BikeClone Replicator is placed in.
BACK UP your link set before you accidentally scramble it with these.
Mirror X and Mirror Y are nice for inverting the layouts of a building.
Mirorz Z and Rotate X, ROtate Y, Rotate Z will also yield some interesting results.
Map Flip will set to mirror or un-mirror all sculpt maps in the build.


Clean All: Goes through the linkset and strip all color, shine, glow, light, surface textures and sit targets from the prims.
Clean Sits: Wipes sit targets from all prims in the linkset.


This lets you select a prim material property to be applied to all links.
Material properties affect friction and bounce. Your vehicle will handle differently with different material properties.

BikeClone Texture Tools script:

Place a copy of the Texture Tools in the object or objects that you wish to work with.
For multiple objects, the Texture Tools automatically networks between them.
You must have full permission on these objects!
Only you, the owner, can touch and control the TextureTool enabled objects.
You can use the to copy between objects, not just in one object.

Because Texture Tools relies on touch to activate, any scripts you have in child prims that intercept the touch process will interfere.
You may want to de-activate any scripts in child prims that produce menus or activate on touch if these are prims you need to touch to use Texture Tools.

How Texture Tools works:
Touch one of the objects to bring up the Texture Tools Menu, then select the tool, then touch the source part on any of the objects then the target part on any of the targets.

Touch an object with Texture Tools in it to bring up the menu:


  • Txt Single: Copy a single texture from one prim face to another.
  • Txt Multi: Copy a single texture to replace multiple matching textures. Whatever texture you touch for the destination, it will scan through the touched object and replace all instances of that texture.

Sculpt Maps:
These copy sculpted prims. It will not let you copy a non-sculpted prim, but your destination prim can be non-sculpted for Map Single mode.

  • Map Single: Copy a single applied sculpt map to another prim.
  • Map Multi: Copy a single applied sculpt map to replace multiple matching maps. Whatever map you touch for the destination, it will scan through the touched object and replace all instances of that texture.

This special tool copies a single scupted part. It copes the map as well as the texture, shine and size as well as the original orientation.
Designed so you can quickly preview and swap parts between bikes.
Touch the seat on one bike, then the seat on the other.

Undo Last:
This will undo the last operation. To activate you must touch the destination object and call Undo Last from its menu.
You can only undo the one step.

BikeClone Prim Retriever:

The way Sl is set up, If you remove a sculpt map or texture stored inside a prim that it is applied to, it removes that texture or map from being applied to the prim.
This is frustrating when you buy a part with the map or textures stored inside of it.
Normally you must remove the map and/or texture by hand and re-apply it manually to the prim.
If you wish to comply with most parts seller's TOS you must remove this full perm texture or map before sending out your sales bike.

If the texture or map is applied to the prim AND inside the prim, the UUID of the texture or map cannot be acquired without a script directly inside the prim.
if you BikeClone a vehicle with such an occurence, it will not be able to pass that map or texture to the clone.
TextureTools also cannot copy the data from that prim if it is a source prim.

To fix it, use the Prim Retriever script:
Drop in the Prim Retriever, and if that prim contains a map or texture in the inventory of the prim that is applied to the prim, it will:
Send you a copy of the problem map and/or textures that are inside the prim's inventory, remove them from the prim and restore that prim and remove the script.
Now you can send out your vehicle without having excess junk assets stored inside of the prims.

This does not give you textures or maps that are not already inside the prim's inventory, it merely allows you to remove them while leaving the prim intact.

Automatic Updates

As SL continues to add new features, new things will be added to the BikeClone tools set.
Rez your update disk and if there's a newer version, it will be delivered automatically.

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