v7 Light Beams (BETA)

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

Requires the LightSystem root prim script.

Requires ACSv7beta(B) or newer

The Light Beam system allows you to make light beam prim face(s) appear when the headlight circuits are on. This is accomplished by attaching a light beam prim to the vehicle, and recording prim faces as Beam Prim Faces using the MCH and the LightSystem script.

When the headlights are turned off, the specified faces will be made invisible. When the headlights are turned on, the specified prim faces will be set visible, based on the transparency level specified by the BeamAlpha variable in your Root Settings script.

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