Basic Sit (BETA)

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

The Basic Sit setting in the Root Settings script allows you to leave out the Root Sit multi-animation script for the vehicle driver and instead use a single fixed sit and animation assignment that you specify in the Root Settings.

The main purpose of this is to lower the script footprint in stripped down racing vehicles, by removing the need for an additional driver sit script.

ACS as it is can operate without the Root Sit script, provided you install your own sit system for the driver. (The standard Root Sit requires its own script to handle the complex multi-animation system).

If you do not need multiple animations and do not require (or want) position adjustment for your driver, then you can leave out the Root Sit entirely and enable and configure the Basic Sit option in the root settings.

You can provide your own additional sit script and leave out the Root Sit, but using the built in Basic Sit in the required Root Settings will help keep your script count down. If you do use your own additional sit script, do not enable the Basic Sit system, simple leave out the Root Sit.


To use this you must REMOVE THE ROOT SIT SCRIPT FROM YOUR VEHICLE! It is part of all default installations. Leaving it in will cause permissions conflicts.

In your Root Settings script, you will need to find and adjust these variables:

integer     BasicSit    =           TRUE; 
vector      BasicPosition =         <-0.25,0.0,2.5>; 
vector      BasicRotation =         <0.1,0.0,0.0>; 
string      BasicAnim =             "my_animation" ;
  • Set the BasicSit variable to TRUE.
  • Make sure to place an animation file in the root and put its exact name between the " " quotations for the BasicAnim. If the name is wrong (including capitalization) or an animation not present, errors will occur.
  • You will then need to adjust the X Y Z values for BasicPostion and possibly also BasicRotation to fit your animation relative to the center of the root prim.
  • For the BasicPosition vector, the values are in meters from the center of the root prim. The first X value is your forward/backward value, the second is your left/right, the third is up/down.
  • BasicRotation values are tilt, lean, and turn in standard 360 degrees. Both vectors cannot be all zeroes or the sit target will be wiped.

Things to Know

  • Currently the Root Sit script also handles the master system resizer function and keyword auto-assign for sounds. Removing the Root Sit disables the re-sizer. Sound assignments directly in the Root Settings will work fine, only the drop-in method of sound assignment will no longer function.

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