The vehicle alarm system can be enabled or disabled from the menu or Driver HUD.

The Alarm Flasher script is an optional script that goes in the root prim and creates a flashing particle display when the alarm is triggered. It should be located in your Additional Scripts box.

Alarm on/off sound, alarm sound and alarm length can be specified at the top of the Root Menu script:

//Alarm Settings
key                 Alarm_Siren =   "1e663342-08dd-fb39-a421-d207cc29f76f";// Alarm Siren. Set to "" for silence. KCP Default:"1e663342-08dd-fb39-a421-d207cc29f76f"
key                 Alarm_Switch =  "2bb8f6cd-c6d2-210a-8b83-5b1811dc0692"; //Alarm On/Off sound. Set to "" for silence. KCP Default: "2bb8f6cd-c6d2-210a-8b83-5b1811dc0692"
integer             Alarm_Time =    30; // Length of alarm sequence in seconds.