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ACS Vehicle Operating System

ACS Vehicle Operating System is the professional grade scripting system for commercial vehicle builders or anyone that loves to build and ride or drive in Second Life.

The system provides a way to simply and easily script your motorcycle, car or boat with an extremely full-featured set of scripts, whether you are a professional vehicle builder or new to vehicles in Second Life. ACS provides all the basic vehicle functions as well as many optional features that are easy to enable or install, including many unique systems unavailable anywhere else, or first introduced as a new standard in ACS. Join with over a thousand satisfied purchasers who have installed this system in a high percentage of all vehicles in Second Life. Thanks in no small part to the Owner's Group and hundreds of testers, the new ACS is the most stable and powerful ever.

I, Karyn Vaher, am the author of this script set. I provide a standard of quality, service, features and updates that only a script author can provide.

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Just some of the most notable features in v5.1 are brand new never-before-seen as well old favorites that continue to improve and further undergo scripting and memory optimization.

ACS provides integrated and automatic high prim and mesh mode, automatic animation assignments for up to eight animation states, scriptless wheels and lighting system, multiple sound set support, specialty animation states such as park, multiple key control interface selections, turning system with animation support (including front end turning for bikes with spinning sculpted components), three different optional powerful custom graphics systems including complete vehicle skin presets as well as user customization of pre-determined prims on no modify vehicles, integrated support for cars (including pivoting/turning sculpted wheels and grouped door and trunk/hood prims), boat support, mouselook steering system, flight mode with complete prim reconfiguration, numerous customizable particle systems, powerful skinnable Driver HUD with multi-camera, positioning and performance controls, optional builder's Mechanic HUD to interface with the system during setup as well as script injection. The core engine, menu, and settings scripts remain full permission for even deeper customization of physics and controls.

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If you are not yet a member of SL's largest family of professional motorcycle builders, you are invited to pick up your own package of the ACS Vehicle Operating System and join us for many more years of updates, new features, and new adaptations to meet the continually updating SL technology.

Karyn's Chopper Parts

Karyn's Chopper Parts redefined the ways vehicles are built and sold in Second Life. KCP opened the first shop in Second Life dedicated to motorcycle builders and the first to introduce the complete suite of motorcycle builder's supplies from sculpted parts, animations, sounds, and scripts. Karyn's also produces popular vehicle builder tools such as BikeClone Tools, The KCP Bike Vendor and other scripted builder's tools and vehicle supplies.