V7 Beta

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

TOS: These scripts are FREE for registered ACS users. During the initial beta, only select individuals have access to them. You can use them in distributed vehicles only with permissions set as with the standard ACS TOS.

As with previous major updates, the final features / permissions / add-ons may be significantly different from your original purchase. You still have access to the version you paid for at the time, and are not being charged for the updates, and any update is optional.

Second Beta for the ACS Beta Testers group: June 5, 2013

The second beta introduces several new v7 features that were not ready for inclusion in the first beta. Velmult is also restored to the steering controls.

A major component I would like testers to experiment with is the TurnSystem as a replacement for Prim Control when setting up a motorcycle turning front end or park routine. Instead of multiple Prim Control scripts to handle the link position memory required for various states, the TurnSystem only stores data for prims you specify using a touch-select setup system. This means you only need the single TurnSystem script in the root no matter the number of links, AND the prim repositioning is issued in a single command, enabling much faster prim repositioning which makes turning front end far more usable on a higher-prim build.

Also the new ParticleSystem combines all particle scripts into a single full permission root script. Now you can customize all particles, such as burnout, exhaust, flight particles etc and particles are triggered in various prims using keywords.

New performance features such as Cruise Control and Amphibian Mode should provide hours of fun.

Also the new Gesture Control system allows you to assign many functions to specific key controls such as function keys to be used with worn gestures.

The new v7(b) engine changes operation significantly to eliminate old turning-in-place issues. You may or may not like it, but the beta process is partially to get your opinion on issues and your feedback is welcome.

Please feel free to send notecards with your opinions, feedback, suggestions, etc.

First Beta for the ACS Beta Testers group: May 6, 2013

In the box:

  • Root Prim Scripts (boxed) - the minimal install
  • Additional Root Scripts (boxed) - add-on root scripts such as LightSystem that are optional based on your needs
  • Prim Control (boxed) - updated Prim Control , use with the new MCH Mechanic Computer HUD
  • Mechanic Computer HUD installation/programming interface
  • New Driver HUD
  • K-Damage - this is a separate beta project from v7. Works with the v7beta engine, the included K_Damage v6 engine version is not required for use with v7, only for v6.
  • +ACSv7beta(A) Mechanic Tool script - Must be in vehicle root to connect the MCH. Currently no-transfer and must be removed before distributing a vehicle.
  • ACSv7beta(A) Pivoting Wheel - Front turning automobile wheel/tire/rim script.
  • ACSv7beta(A) Wheel Script - standard (non-turning) wheel/tire/rim script.
  • ACSv7beta(A) Passenger Prim script - updated Passenger Prim for v7.

For this beta your other existing v6 accessories such as Pivoting Component, Powered Simple Propeller, etc should operate normally.

The Mechanic Computer HUD does not yet validate the presence of additional root scripts such as ColorSystem, Accessories, or Prim Control. Make sure the required script has been added to the root before attempting setup for that system.

  • This first pack is still pretty raw, and does not include many of the in-development updates. Unlike some previous ACS betas, this is not an almost-ready set. What you are getting in the first beta is probably only 60% of the final v7. You will get a good idea of where things are headed.
  • Don't go updating your entire distribution fleet, as some folks have done with previous betas, as there will be bugs and later v7 betas/official editions will likely not retain fundamental compatibility with the beta scripts.
  • Most individual non-root-prim scripts for things like lights, doors and graphics scripts have been consolidated into single root-prim-based scripts, which not only lowers script count dramatically, but will generally make Script Injection-based setup more useful. The Beta MCH does not have injection activated, this first beta will require manual installation of scripts, but expect the future MCH to give you multiple injection set options, for stock and various mod setups.
  • Scriptless Wheels have been problematic and may not be in the final v7. The way LL handles child prim llTargetOmega() rotations works best and most reliably from within a prim itself. Since v6 was released, LL has made changes that have been causing problems for the scriptless wheel system, and scriptless wheels may be ultimately discarded. You must use wheel scripts with this beta, the spin keyword will do nothing.
  • Many add-on systems are not in the beta (yet) such as the Mesh Changer. While the basic wheel scripts are included, as well as systems such as window prims, the texture animation style wheels and transparency-based tint window systems are not yet in place.
  • Script Permissions in the first beta are a little harsh, you will see a lot more no-modify scripts. I'm not yet certain what the final permissions will be on everything, but I am going to make sure you always retain direct script access to your physics settings and other important system variables. I have also re-introduced the ability to directly edit/import your own camera settings, which was absent in v6. I'm not really happy about restricting modify permissions on certain scripts, as it impacts the ability to customize for advanced users, but since introducing no-modify portions it has vastly cut down the time I have had to spend chasing down code theft. To help compensate for restrictive permissions, I am attempting to make it easier to interact with the scripts for your own add-ons (see below).
  • API/Link Messages: While I like to try and provide as many script solutions as possible, advanced users are going to want to make their own add-ons or trigger other scripts with ACS. So I will be (over time) documenting various internal link messages to make it easier for you to trigger your own custom scripts from ACS and save you some time figuring them all out, as well as providing full perm example scripts for triggering functions.

See Updating to v7: Update information & changes from v6

See in progress documentation for v7

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