v7.02 updates to v7.0

v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!

7.02 is a strongly recommended update for v7.0 users, with complete install packs, mechanic HUDs, and +Mechanic Root Tool+ updates.

The 7.02 edition of v7 fixes some minor issues with 7.0, mainly due to setup/mechanic hud issues and not major vehicle operations. You do not need to update any v7.0 vehicles that are completed except if you wish to take advantage of the few minor feature additions, though for new/future setups use the v7.02 versions.

The 7.02 has been issued as an entire replacement full install pack, though only updated scripts contain the 7.02 number.

While the bug fixes and performance improvements should be evident on certain setup functions, there are a few minor feature additions of note:

  • Be sure to use the new v7.02 Mechanic HUD and +Mechanic Tool Script+
  • A "hood" keyword and sound has been added for DoorSystem, that operates similar to the trunk keyword. A new sound UUID is present in the root settings for this.
  • Trunk prims (and now hood prims) no longer activate the doors open bell.
  • A "Show Specific Category" option is added for PaintSystem setup (Using the Mechanic HUD v7.02) to help you see which prim faces are already assigned to a category.
  • All Root Tools, Menus, and Settings have been updated with new optimizations and now all Root Tools support the custom menu feature, you will no longer require the use of the "v7.0 Root Tools Custom" to use custom menus just use the v7.02 Root Tools with all mods.
  • The stock ACS SB/SC (stock bike/stock car) and Mariner Root Settings have a new RecordReturn option that will replace the "Horn/Horn x2" and "Burnout" in the menus with the Record and Return position commands. The Drag, knife, and Drifter mods already have those commands in place on the main menu. You can of course access the Record/Return Position commands via the Driver HUD whether they show in the menu or not.
  • Major issues with the TurnSystem park routine are fixed
  • For the TCS engine mod, continue to use the v7.0 TCS engine but swap out your other primary root scripts (Engine, Menu, Tools, Sit) to the 7.02 versions.

Please report any issues via notecard, my IM's get capped and I refer to these cards during debugging/update process.

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