v7 beta documentation in progress. v7 beta documentation may be incomplete or inaccurate.
v7 functions and features may be significantly different from previous ACS versions.
These instructions are not valid for current v6+ ACS!


This set of the v7.0 scripts and accessories is being distributed to group members before officially being for sale. v7.0 as with previous and future updates is free for all script owners. Support is not guaranteed in the pre-release, and some of v7 beta/v7.0 features may remain experimental/unsupported on official release.

Documentation for this pre-release is incomplete or may be inaccurate or confusing until official release. New builders should wait until the v7.0 documentation, example builds and tutorials are complete.

If you are new to vehicle building or ACS you may wish to wait until the official release so that all quick setup instructions and tutorials are in place.

Not all mods are included in the pre-release, and more are in the works

Check out the latest v7.0 Instructional Videos

If you have used the v7 beta then you may want to check out some of the more noticeable changes:

Some changes from v7 beta to v7.0

Bug reports and requests are always welcome, as there will of course be future updates and revisions. This is a .0 version and so expect additional patches, I would not recommend re-scripting your entire fleet of vehicles just yet. Please Send NOTECARDS if you encounter any issues or have feedback, so that I can keep track and be able to adress each and every single issue.

There are two Mechanic HUDs, one named with (Mesh) and one with (Prim). Use the (Mesh) version unless your viewer cannot display mesh.

v7beta and v7.0 do not use scriptless wheels or require the spin keyword as in earlier ACS versions. Scripted wheels ultimately give more reliable performance. While this technically increases script count, v7 gives you an overall lower script count by combining particle, light, and door scripts to a single root prim script for each system.

Some of the below instructions for the beta differ from the v7.0, instructions and tutorials will be added for official release

About materials texture change

LL has yet to introduce the code allowing the changing of materials textures at the scripting level. There is no guess when this will happen, but data fields were built into the v7 ACS Link Tracking System to allow for materials groups assignment for prim faces whenever LL finally introduces the scripting commands.

v7 Beta

There's no "Quick Setup" page yet so don't try to install this if you aren't reasonably familiar with ACS v6.

This is a beta version and as such I do not offer official support for its use. If you encounter issues, please send them to me via notecard.

Please Send NOTECARDS if you need to communicate something to me about the beta, so I can keep track and make sure all issues are resolved for the final.

If you send an IM about it I can tell that you haven't even looked at this page. Also I am flooded with IM's at the moment and cannot realistically get to them all so send notecards.

If you don't have time to scan through the instructions, you are best off waiting for the official v7 release.

Understand I cannot provide immediate support/fixes to the beta. If you report an issue via notecard, I will likely fix it for later release versions.

v7 beta(C) wide release beta

v7 has been in beta for several weeks in a special limited group. Now a version is being made available to all of the Script Owner's group. Your feedback, experiences, suggestions, rants etc are requested via notecard and not IM so that I can refer back to all feedback.

The purpose for the beta release is to get your feedback on how it works for you, this helps me a great deal. While I personally test things out considerable amount, there are so many different possible vehicle styles and configuration combinations that some things do not come to notice until different folks are installing the scripts. If something isn't working as expected, please let me know via notecard.

The beta(C) wide release beta is not yet packaged up with all the extras of the full release version.

You may still need to use portions of v6 for certain accessories such as chain and belt scripts, as not all accessories present in v6 have fully been updated/adapted.

The actual v7.0 may or may not contain all features present in this beta. Some features are more experimental than others, and the feedback from testers especially on newer features will help me develop and refine them.

The beta is only for use by registered ACS script owners and is subject to the ACS TOS. You are free to distribute vehicles using the v7 beta. There are likely still some minor quirks but most major issues have been ironed out.

Please try to avoid confusing v6 users in the Script Owner's group as much as possible. If you are not in the dedicated beta group (currently filled) IM me with q's about the beta if you are stuck and cannot find it here.

Also please don't be asking questions in the Script Owner's Group that indicate you haven't glanced over the basic info on this page such as "Where is the Prim Control" or "Where is the Park Routine?".

If you have a complaint about the beta scripts, please send it to me in notecard form. If you do not like new changes, please let me know via notecard as your experiences negative and positive are helpful to me. I may not be able to please everyone with the final results but I do take all feedback seriously. But please send complaints directly to me and do not air them in the Script Owner's Group.

  • Accessories: Set up doors, windows, windshield wipers, etc
  • v7 Graphics: Set up custom color and shine groups and texture UUIDs.
  • v7 DoorSystem Touch-activated door/trunk prims and prim groups.
  • v7 Fixtures record groups of prims faces to vanish or appear (hide/show)
  • v7 FixedCam allows you to bypass the internal camera system and edit your own camera settings directly in the script.
  • MCH: Mechanic Computer HUD
  • DCH: Driver Computer HUD
  • API: Internal link messages
  • PivotAngleOffset - adjust the turning angle of Pivoting Wheel-scripted wheels.
  • Camber - adjustable wheel camber angle.

Special v7 add-on:

  • PaintJob (A special graphic skinning/storage system sold separately - see v7 Graphics for the standard included texture/color scripts)

v7 mods

  • Helicopter - unreleased