V6 Official Release

ACS v6 is now being released. It is a free update for registered owners of the KCP ACS system, as always. ACS v6 gives significantly better response and handling than v5, restoring or bettering the more nimble control response times of v2/v3, while retaining and adding to the features set and lowering script count. The newly-rebuilt animation system provides the most stable and quirk-free sit system in ACS history, while expanding the number of optional animation states and simplifying pose synchronization with passenger sits. I strongly recommend all users update to the v6, reviews of the beta have been unanimously positive and the few tiny quirks in the final v6 beta (spelling mistakes, etc) have been remedied for the final release. v6 is ready for distributed vehicles.

Installing v6 is essentially the same as earlier versions of the script set, although some setup steps have been simplified.

You are free to continue to use the earlier versions of the script set, but users of v5 should at least update to the v5.2 Root Sit to patch crucial issues with SL animation keys.

Additional add-ons to follow. Please send notecards if you have questions/comments/etc

Changes to v6.0 from v5.1+

Changes to v6.0 from v6 beta

Updating from v5 to v6