Security tips for grid merchants

Simply by being a merchant in SL you will find yourself facing security issues. As many of you know, there has been a recent increase in security concerns in SL due to organized attacks. Most defenses to protect your accounts are common sense, but I am going to go over the basics here.

Do not re-use passwords between any accounts ever.

Never allow anyone to log in to your account.

Only give share modify access to your objects for limited time. If somebody's account becomes compromised, they can inflict damage.

Do not give out your IP address. Phishers & griefers will attempt to get you to reveal your IP address with links to websites outside of SL, such as Youtube videos which record visitors IP's. If you cannot see the harm of griefers locating your IP address, then you need to do more research on the subject. This includes media you play from within your viewer on media surfaces. And just because the sale of IP-tracking devices such as RedZone have been banned, does not mean the technology and existing databases are not still out there and in use.

Going "Voice". Voice is fun and convenient when hanging out with friends, and for meetings and classes. However it is often used when persons are relaying information they do not wish to be logged, such as threats or misinformation. If a stranger or potential griefer begins pressuring you to "go voice", a red flag should go up as these conversations are usually the ones you most want to have logged for AR's & etc. You may be best served by never going voice with your merchant accounts, and saving that for your play accounts.

Many of the biggest thieves and griefers hide in plain sight. Many of the first to scream "copybot" are members of or even organizers of anti-theft groups.