Reviews of ACS

I have been using ACS for just over a year .. one of the best updated and supported products available in SL .. always being updated and improved.. welcomes feedback for enhancing, and by far the easiest to setup tune and maintain … when issues arise the support group is great to help out and even karyn whom i've seen many of times personally going to the customer's building site to help with issues.
- Seca Creighton

Feature rich and undeniable performance. ACS is the ultimate magic for turning prims into machines to be proud of.
- Veronica SpiritWeaver

Love Em' Best Scripts around,great features, easy setup, awesome ride, easily modified to fit you personal needs, tons options.
- JohnnyB Dreadlow

this is by far the best vehicle operating in SL
- jasonconners

This is THE BEST vehicle scripting in SL hands down. I use ACS for all my vehicles - from the simple to the complex - and it just plain works.
- jmisc resident

Bought it with the intention to script a bike, 12 months later and I have used these scripts in everything from Jeeps to DUKW's and everything in between.
- pasplund Resident

I love the ACS system, it allows me to create vehicles that drive just as well as those that people pay 1000's for, it's awesome, well supported and easy to use, I make all kinds of vehicles now in SL and I just couldn't make such a professional product without ACS.
- Riverdog Ninetails

This system took my builds from mediocre to fantastic!
- Juice Bag

By far the most options and most stable and reliable scripts for serious bike builders, can`t beat the excellent support system , both from ACS and other script users.
- Amerylis Arai (Snake Eyez Motorcycles)

in my opinion the set of vehicle scripts in SL to date no comparison
- Rico Revestel

Great features, great ride, and it's always improving. The most updated script in SL!
- Hed Lockjaw

For my money ACS is the best vehicle scripting available in SL. It's top notch scripting with superior customer support, not to mention the constant free updates.
- LoneWolf Rhode

As a first time builder of anything I was very worried about scripts but these ae great and there is so much info and help available.
- smitty2222 resident
Smitty's Bike Shop

I am very glad with kcp, the best script vehicles i have worked, nice features and great support assistance customers
gatin zepp
GZ Motors.

For the support you get Karyn's scripts are well worth every linden on the first purchase alone. You will have a vehicle running within minutes and the options you can offer a customer in a vehicle are dazzling.
- Jehrome Composer

By far the most versatile, flexible and best handle vehicle scripts available, hands down. Tried many in the past only to have them all far short on updates or support and often times both. ACS has stood the test of time.
- Flux Woyseck

TAMA uses KCP/ACS scripts exclusively. KCP scripts with TAMATuning are setting great times at motorcycle tracks. The product support is top notch.
- Fox Obviate

ACS is the first bike script I have used, I make tons of little types of crazy vehicles to show off to people for fun. With the easy setup process that gets easier by the updates, can't go wrong with it. If you do the group is always there to help or at least try to.
- Silverdown Seetan

I enjoy having power to edit the scripts by hand the most. I find it the best way to build over using any "building huds" but if that's your thing KCP includes it as well.
- Moto Portland

Since starting to build vehicles, I have used KCPs. Starting with the basics for free because that's what I could afford back then, all the way up to the latest 6 series scripts, I use and endorse KCP scripts personally as well as in our school to teach bike building. Over 3 years and 800 bikes later, they're still my first and only reccommendation for vehicle scripts.
- Trendkill Neximus

Great system for builders who need to have total control over their builds with loads of features and easy to use
- DreamWeaver535

I love these scripts! They are customizable, useful in many different vehicle types, and overall just excellent. This is a package that really is worth the price paid.
- Ilyria iridescent

This is by far the easyest non problematic Script i have ever used for a vehicle in SL
Christoph Dragonsworn bigchris774

hello haryn :)))))) i did V6 bike woooow. so good and good handle too. i setted how i like. ty.ty.tyvm. i am so happy woow. i will try for park now. happy happy happy :))) i wanna hug and kiss u lol. ty again. now we have the betters bikes never seen on sl :))). tc.
Mascalzone Renilo

KCP is THE industry standard. I've tried and tested the others. Nothing else compares.
Nothing is as feature rich or customizable. Take a moment to read the instructions and comments and you can make them respond exactly the way you want 'em to.
Got a question or a request? Karyns customer service is second to none. Always listening and working to please. Always current to the changes in SecondLife.
I refuse to use anything else in my builds. Once you've had the best, there is no going back :)

Veronica SpiritWeaver
BarNone Motorcycle

Hi Karyn, HD here…

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I have just completed the final set up of your KCP ACS v5.1 Vehicle Operating System in my new, 100% mesh bike. I have to commend you on the job you have done putting together such a complete and well thought out system. As you know, I have been involved with bike creating in SL since 2005 (back when there were only three of us… LOL). Not only have I had my own proprietary HDCC scripts for the duration, but over the years I have also ridden nearly every other well known bike builders creations in SL. After using your new KCP 5.1 scripts in my latest build, I am a solid believer in what you have brought to our community. Not only are your scripts Rock Solid, but the support you put behind them is second to none. Thank you for sharing with us and giving us all the advantage of your expertise. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with you and your products. The Newly recreated HDCC will now feature Karyns ACS 5.1 Scripts in all of it;s new builds.

Thank You Soooo Much,

HD Pomeray
Owner, HDCC

Best Vehicle Script you'll found on the market +5

I tried almost all vehicle scripts on the market, i'm a car builder, and this system is the BEST i found for my cars.
I'm french and it's not too hard to set up, you'll be invited to the Script Owner group and you'll be able to get helped or help someone.
So don't waste money on other scripts, and BUY THIS ONE ;)

Christian Towton

The new 5.1 scripts are simply amazing to me. I am now able to animate nearly every function for a much closer to rl experience. I have been building motorcycles in sl for about 3 years, in that time I have used a number of scripts. I find KCP to give the most options for settings to my customer, as well as very unique features to make it all more life like. I have been using KCP scripts and sculpts for a while now, and they just get better with every update. The on going updates and free support are just more icing on the cake.

Sutton Macarthur-owner
Darkfold Designs

TAMA uses KCP scripts, TAMA teaches KCP script usage, TAMA sells KCP scripts, and all my personal bikes are KCP scripted.

Fox Obviate

Karyn has surpassed herself this time with the new 5.11 script update. It includes many innovative features including the excellent Mechanic HUD, front end steering, and the working direction indicators as well as the ability to exceed the 32 prim limit for rez'n'ride vehicles without the need to wear attachments, to name but a few of the many features.

As usual the documentation is superb and comprehensive, along with the supporting website, it guides the builder through each of the stages. She's really thought this out and it shows.

Many thanks.


What an amazing script set. It truly has something for everyone and unlike many of the other vehicle scripts I've tried over the years, KCP ACS5.11 is by far the easiest to use while providing the high quality rides my clients expect. The Mechanic's HUD is well thought out and very easy to use. It breaks down the various aspects of building a bike and really helps make the process flow a lot better and faster. I'm updating all my builds with this version of ACS and pushing out to my clients as fast as I can. The response I get from them is overwhelming. They love it. Thanks Karyn.

Teldorion Raynier
TBB Motors
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Karyn Vaher's, KCP scripts are amazing, they cut your work time in half, and perform like no other script in world.

Guyot Habana, (RL master bike builder)
(SL Bike Builder)

I have used KCP scripts sense I have been building bikes in sl. I have also used a few others.In my opinion the owner of KCP Karyn Vaher has been doing an out standing job keeping us all up to date on her newest creations. As a matter of fact I have put her newest affiliate board up in my bike shop. so come on down and look around at my builds using Karyn's scripts


I Love All The Scripts And Bike Parts That Karyn Has Made I Rate Everything She Has Done A 20 +++++++
and i look forward to all the updates she has done

Lone Lexington

I love the KCP because, not only did Karyn work her ass off on them too make them as long as i've been using them, but to me there the best in sl, I can put them in my boat, car, bike, just about anything i want. Using karyn's scripts in my bikes have made it so I can afford a Full prim sim.. from bike sales alone, Which Karyn has a shop on too. if some one were too come u and come out with new script and have them cheaper than karyns scrips i wouldn't buy them, Ive been doing Business with Karyn since 2009, I'm not stopping now

DjDave Voom

I been using Karens scripts since 2.5 and seen alot of changes in riding and handling with the 5.0 series. From my experience the new scripts seem more user friendly and give the builder more options to use on there builds with a much smoother ride…Thats just my opinion……………

Austin Segall

"I have not had a chance to try your scripts until tonight because I was waiting to get me Mesh bike done first. Well … today I completed it …. Dropped in your root scripts and so far I'm Thrilled … I was worried about Mesh wheels spinning correctly but they work perfect !"

HD Pomeray

I've only been building bikes for a few months but when I started out, I went looking for the best parts and the best scripts on the grid.. KCP is by far the very best out there.. easy to understand, easy to setup and use.. and once they are set the menus have every adjustment and setup button you could ever need..
Every bike I've built has KCP scripts in them.. riding a bike using anyone elses scripts is an excerise in aggravation

Maxx Bourne
Road Agents Motorcycle Club and Custom Choppers

Karyn's Scripts are all i have ever used i have others but Karyn's are top Easy to use Easy to understand Modable and amazingly Work on anything with Karyns Can scripts a Bicycle and Run it Good lol did it once as a joke for SL Adopted Kids worked out Better than i could have expected {People Loved the idea and still use them if it wasnt for Karyns i wouldnt be Building at All i Got become Frustrated when hearing how hard scripts were to use Karyn showed me they so so simple even I Could Use Them

Thank You Much
Poppa Ryan
Owner of Poppa's Parts & Choppers

To anyone not lucky enough to have experienced KCP scripts.

I highly recommend them for your builds they are versatile and fun and she is wonderful at updating and above average customer service , I have used her scripts for years and would never use anothers unless kayrn ceased to be here or proceed doing them.

Robin Capalini

5 Stars

Ive had L$8,000 scripts, DT scripts, D2 scripts, even the occasional custom up-and-coming script that doesn't actually kick off. And this script set alone makes other car scripts look worn out and obsolete.

Kyoichi Kaligawa

5 Stars

I think anyone can use this system. I had a fully operational amphibious vehicle in less than an hour. Thank you Karyn for helping make my dream come true.

Lucy Lighthouse

Very good! 5 stars

" …very smooth & simple to set up with a few nice features added in. recommend if your new to building bikes or cars then you can't go far wrong with these scripts."

Kendra Kitalpha

SO MUCH STUFF!!! 5 stars

"Spot on with customer service. Got back to me within minutes of IM'ing her with delivery issue. As for the content, There is so much stuff included it's unbelievable. I like the adjustable gear ratio so that is what pushed me into buying it. And when i found out there was a boat script included i was excited as i am building a WW2 DUKW for the ww2 sims and couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this. …5 stars all the way!"


Possibly the best vehicle scripts ever - 5 stars

" I love these scripts they are possibly the best for any land vehicle…"
" …there is nothing compared to these scripts they make the best bikes and cars"

matthew Fallen

5 stars
Completely pleased with the script package. Much more included than I thought! Well documented, easy enough to use if you can read & follow directions. Great value! Builders hud is nicely thought out and implemented! Nice support via the group and online. Can't wait to try it in a variety of vehicles.
ender Alchemi

5 stars

Fantastic purchase. I have only played with about 50% of the scripts so far, very easy to understand and use i cant wait to use the rest…hmmmm building time:P I also had a couple of question for the seller, all were answered quickly and very helpfully.
Thank you

Fuey Denfu

Best Vehicle Script you'll found on the market +5

I tried almost all vehicle scripts on the market, i'm a car builder, and this system is the BEST i found for my cars.
I'm french and it's not too hard to set up, you'll be invited to the Script Owner group and you'll be able to get helped or help someone.
So don't waste money on other scripts, and BUY THIS ON ;)

5 stars

" It's more then just a simple motorcycle script. It's an in-depth to building a super bike with every option one can think off."
" Really a personal taste but I prefer a bike that operate as in Real Life bike and this script's got the right stuff."

Angie Xenga

5 stars

the best in sl motorcycle scripting thank you very much for this

Rico Kappler

5 stars

It's just wonderful !
All the functions you dreamed about and even the ones you could'nt imagine !
Great support service too !

Tupac Redstar

5 stars

Top of the bunch!
way above all the other motorcycle scripts in SL!
So many more features and drives like a dream
I would highly recommend these scripts to anyone looking to start bike building!
Top Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xu Cheng

5 stars
"It is a number one motorcycle script in SL. Probably this script will become the global standards."

weed Watkins