Less Scripts

The ACS install can have a very low script count if you use just the scripts that you need. I see a lot of folks dumping every possible script into the root of the vehicle. ACS can retain many features but have a very low script count, add only the systems that you need and take out the rest. Using script injection does add a lot of scripts by default into the root, but some you may not need to use and can remove. If you include every possible script, your vehicle my be more susceptible to lag.

Technically you can run a vehicle just using the five required root prim scripts, though you are likely to want to add at least a brake light.

Most cars for example, will not need the Park & Resizer or Animator. In fact, most bikes will not need the Animator either, unless you set up a turning prim configuration or record a flight prim configuration.

For racing performance you may wish to do away with some of these and abstain from installing every possible graphics system. I see a vehicle loaded up with every possible script and then somebody else says gee, that is a lot of scripts. Fact is for a high-featured system, ACS can have a significantly lower script time than anything that can even come close to comparing feature-wise.

Scripts you can take out of the root

  • Animator - If you do not record animated turning prim configuration or flight configuration, remove the Animator. The Animator is not needed for motorcycle Park Routine
  • Park & Resizer - in a car, you are unlikely to need to record a motorcycle Park Routine or need the resizer.
  • Alarm Flasher - This just provides a flashing light particle effect if the alarm is triggered. Not required for use.
  • Sound Packs - If you really need more than the two sound sets specified in your Root Settings, you can add sound packs, but think twice before including every sound pack you have in inventory, as the less scripts the better.
  • Mechanic Tool - Once you are done building, you can remove the Mechanic Tool script before distributing the vehicle, it is really only there to assist in the building process.
  • Root Camera - I would normally suggest leaving this in, same with the Passenger Camera, but if you want to leave these out, the vehicle will revert to using the single set of pre-defined camera settings that you can edit in the Engine script and Passenger Sit script.

Also consider using the Screamer Mod for bikes and Drifter Mod for cars.