October 17, 2013

KCP Temp Rezzer Transfer Version

posted to the Script Owner's Group and in the update machine at the main shop.

Paintjob Recorder Tool available for purchase.

Although v7 official isn't quite ready, folks have asked for the special add-on Paintjob recorder to be made available for those already distributing vehicles using the v7 beta. Paintjob has been well tested, and updates will be free for all purchasers. The original limited beta test group for v7 does not ned to buy this, they already have it and will receive any future updates.

Purchasing it through the special vendor at the shop allows me to track owners for receiving future updates.

v7 official will be a free upgrade for all registered owners, but the special Paintjob recorder tool is an exception as an additional (optional) purchase. It is designed so that any paintjob recorded with this tool should continue remain compatible with any future updates to the Paintjob system. (as with ACS sound packs)

September 2, 2013


Finishing final preparations for official v7 release. Patching bugs and incorporating suggestions and improvements from your notecards. So keep sending them!

The full Paintjob add-on will also be made available. It was currently tested only by the original limited beta test group.

v7 beta(c) is available In World for users with your Script Owner's Group tag active.

July 6th, 2013

Add-on scripts updates

Redirect: Finally got around to "officially" releasing the Redirect redirect/teleport system. Free at my shop (out in front) and works with any vehicle, even non-ACS. Insructions here.

Over32: The stand-alone Over32 mesh/high prim script has been updated to v4. The v4 version is streamlined, memory capped and detects mesh automatically in the linkset no matter the prim count. It switches seamlessly between legacy and mesh/high prim mode. Note: this script is not needed for ACS users (v5.1 and newer), only for non ACS vehicles as the functionality is built in to ACS.

July 3rd, 2013

v7beta(C) KCP Classic mod

June 28, 2013

v7 beta(C) distributed to Script Owner's Group.

Also available in the update machine at the shop.
Be sure to read the v7 page before proceeding.

Includes v7 Mariner/v7 Drag/v7 Drifter mods

June 5, 2013

v7 2nd Beta begins testing

The second, and near-complete version of v7.0 (beta B) begins testing in the closed beta testing group.
Release date for all registered ACS owners of the full v7.0 is on target for before the end of June, and to celebrate June as the four-year anniversary of the release of v1.0.

The v7.0, as with previous updates, is a free for all registered owners.

The beta testing group is closed for admissions at this time, please be patient as v7.0 will be made available to the Script Owner's Group soon.

May 6, 2013

v7 Beta Testing begins

A closed beta group begins testing the new v7. (beta A)

April 28, 2013

ACS Beta Testers

Interested in participating in the upcoming major update beta?

April 11,2013

What's happening?

News on update progress

March 27, 2013
How to disable the ACS menu when touching non-root prims. If you have added a script to a prim for some other function, and you need to be able to touch that prim without calling up the ACS menu, see the article.

March 4, 2013

v6.04 Full Pack available

The 6.04 full pack has all the latest updates and patches included and packaged including the latest Passenger Prim, Propeller, prim Control and packaged with Drag Mod, newer rims/mesh add-ons and updated Driver HUDS and API Hud Kit.
Full version available for existing registered owners by wearing the Owner's Group group tag and touching the Update Machine at my shop.

January 26, 2013

Drag Mod released

The DSR Drag Mod has completed beta testing and is being released to the Script Owner's Group. This will be available at the update machine at the shop and in upcoming ACS full update packages.

Spinner Rims pack

Replacements for Pivoting Wheel and a rear rim script to give your car rims a spinner rims style effect.

November 30, 2012

How to start ACS v6 directly into flight mode

Click here for instructions

This will be patched with a simple switch in the upcoming versions, in the meantime you can edit it to work using this.

November 19, 2012

Chain Drive v6.04

Correctly reacts to burnout. Posted to the Script Owner's Group.

November 19, 2012

DSR Drag Mod BETA 2

Posted to the Script Owner's Group.

November 10, 2012

K-Damage system first beta test begins

November 9, 2012

Raw sound files for stock sounds + mods

Posted to the Script Owner's Group.

October 18th, 2012

Mesh Changer - the mesh rims swapper

New Mesh Changer system issued to the Script Owner's Group.

October 17th, 2012

New Improved Sculpt Change system for v6

A new Sculpt Changer kit for v6 is issued to the Script Owner's Group. This is to replace the older Map Change Scripts with easier install and more powerful functions. While this set is only for use with sculpties, new systems for mesh are on the way.

October 13, 2012

Bike Vendor Update

Owners of The KCP Bike Vendor should re-rez their units to get the brand new v4.0.
Yes there's a new FREE EDITION as well.

October 10, 2012

ACS v6.0 Custom HUD API Kit

The Custom HUD API Kit is released to the to the Script Owner's Group and the update machine at the shop.

  • Build your own Driver HUD, choosing which existing ACS functions to trigger
  • Route your own custom commands for your own custom scripts through the HUD connection without needing extra listens

October 9, 2012


Posted to the Script Owner's Group.

September 28, 2012

6.02 Sit Updates

New Root Sit and Passenger Prim updates to correct SL's occasional issue losing track of driver & passenger link numbers on region crossings. Posted to the Script Owner's Group and in the full v6 update pack in the update machine.

September 25 2012

Running Lights,

Running Lights script posted to the Script Owner's Group.

September 24 2012

Over 200 new vehicle animations

Over 200 new vehicle animations available at the KCP Headquarters, many matching sets.
Rez your vehicle over the animation vendors to preview and find ones that fit your build.

September 22 2012

knife Mod released to group

knife mod, pre-configured for high speed automobile track racing

September 21 2012

Mariner Mod released to group

Mariner mod, pre-configured for motorized boats/jetskis

September 9 2012

Initial release of full official v6.0

Initial owner's group bulletin rollout of ACS v6.0
ACSv6.0 is also loaded into the Group Update Machine at the shop.

Drifter/Screamer mods for v6, August 24 2012

Updated versions of the Drifter/Screamer mods for v6 released to the Script Owner's Group

v6b 2nd beta release, August 19 2012

Second v6 beta release, now with HUDs, Prim Control, simplified door systems, and more Currently available only in the Script Owner's Group.

v6a 1st v6 beta release, July 30 2012 Currently available only in the Script Owner's Group.

5.2 High Prim Animator, June 18 2012

Posted to Script Owner's Group

Three year anniversary June 2012

After months of testing, v1.0 first went on sale June 8th 2009. Many v1.0/1.1 users are still active builders and owner's group participants and enjoying their free updates. Thanks to everyone for all their testing and suggestions. The next three years should bring many more developments as the grid continues to evolve and new possibilities for vehicle behavior emerge.

5.2 High Prim Motorcycle Park & Resizer, May 29

High prim count bikes were exceeding the memory for the standard Park & Resizer. The new 5.2 High Prim Park & Resizer kit posted to the group will allow you to record a park routine in motorcycles up to 255 individual prims.

5.2 Root Sit fixes, May 4

Clears up some issues with park poses being lost on reboot, and other minor glitches.
Also in the update package is the Pivoting Sculpted Wheel (INVERSE). This wheel script is for wheels that need to steer in the opposite direction, like rear wheels on large 4x4 vehicles

If you missed this in group notices, Grab it from the update machine at

5.2 Root Tools for Emergency Light systems compatibility, April 17

The Ultimate Emergency Light Bar (mesh) and [*Single Prim Emergency Light] (aka the massively updated version of the older KCP Police Light & Siren) available at my shop include a special version of the ACS Driver HUD with additional switches to support these emergency vehicle light and sound systems. You do need to update your vehicle's Root Tools to v5.2 in order for this to work. Just swap out your v5.1 root tools for the v5.2 and set permissions on it.

Grab the Root Tools v5.2 from the update machine at

5.2 Animator update & 5.2 Reverse Light, April 10

A fix for a bug in the Animator, and an additional reverse light script are packaged in the update machine at, touch it with your Script Owner's Group active..

How to use less scripts in your build

See less scripts

v5.11 Drifter Mod, March 9 2012

This pack was sent out to the group and is in the Update Machine at, touch it with your Script Owner's Group active.

Read about the Drifter mod.

v5.11 Screamer Mod, March 5 2012

This pack was sent out to the group and is in the Update Machine at, touch it with your Script Owner's Group active.

Read about the Screamer mod.

v5.11 patch, February 21 2012

Fixes animation quirks, adds auto-assign for passenger-prim, adds optional Custom Burnout Particles script, adds optional settings for Over 32 prim mode, adds size recorder to Door Scripts. v5.11 Engine allows you to change your controls steering direction for reverse gear. I recommend Everyone with v5.1 should at least use v5.11 Root Sit, v5.11 Root Tools, and v5.11 Passenger Sit.

Confused? v5.11 Full Install pack, completely up to date is in the Update Giver at the shop or contact me directly.

v5.1 OFFICIAL Release, February 16 2012

5.1 is the v5 full edition, install and enjoy. As always, it is free for all registered owners of the KCP script set, back to v1.0. To get your update, check recent notices in the KCP Script Owners Group. You can also touch the Updater Machine at the official KCP headquarters at the Panhead region with your group tag active. If you left the group or missed the invite, contact me directly for your update and/or to rejoin the KCP Script Owners Group.

v5 has many new features and vastly improved performance. If you previously used only v4 or earlier, you will find many new or vastly improved functions in v5 such as Mouselook steering, scriptless wheels, Turbo, eight pose states, new powerful camera functions, pose synchronization , integrated automatic over 32 prim mode and more. Setup tools are much improved, including the Mechanic HUD and in some cases fully automatic, such as wheel alignment and pose activation. Overall script time is greatly reduced as many functions are streamlined, and combined. Each animation has its unique adjustment setting instead of one adjustment per animation state, making multiple animation setup easier and more intuitive to use. The new skinnable v5 Driver HUD for vehicle operators accesses many features with expanding menus, including pose positioning and loading camera presets and even multiple pose sets. Browse the features list.

Since v1.0 the KCP scripts have also been installed in many cars, boats and other vehicles, and v5 expands and simplifies the ease of setup and features specifically for car and boat support as well as continuing to set the standard for motorcycle scripts in SL with new unique features like Turning Front End and integrated over 32 prim mode.

Despite the load of available options and accessories, ACS is still the most powerful and simplest and easiest set of scripts to install. as well as still the only all-original, author-supported and updated motorcycle script system available.

The main things to know about updating to v5 from v4:

Updating from v4+ Installation is essentially the same except for the scriptless wheels system. Wheel alignments are now automatic, the wheel alignment tool is no longer needed and there is support for many more sculpted wheel alignments. The pose/animation system is expanded, setup and use is simplified, and the use of the Pose Activator Tool is no longer required. If updating an existing vehicle you will need to replace all scripts. The GFX-T & GFX-C are replaced with an updated GFX-TC system, but your existing cfg-paint notecards and prim keywords are still compatible. Car (turning front wheels and banking setup) and boat support is greatly simplified and expanded. Overall script overhead is way down. See Quick Setup. The Over 32 prim mode is integrated and automatically activated, and you no longer need to use the Over32 script for higher prim builds.

Updating from v5 betas The Over 32 prim mode is integrated and automatically activated, and you no longer need to use the Over32 script. The Over 32 prim mode mode memory issues with higher prim builds are cleared up and it now works properly with both the Park Routine and flight and Turning Front End system. The Root Animator has been renamed to Park & Resizer and an additional Animator for flight mode and Turning Front End system. Root Animator Setup Tool is renamed PARK AND ANIMATOR SETUP TOOL. Turning Front End system in the betas has been fixed to permit spinning sculpted components (wheels) and all associated and now unnecessary experimental texture animation junk and keywords needed for it have been removed. Many bug fixes, including fixing of Flight Mode and pose system irregularities. The use of the Pose Activator Tool is no longer required. Overall script overhead is way down. See Quick Setup. See Changes from v5 beta (PR6)