ACS Beta Testers

April 28, 2013

I'm close to being able to make a beta available for the next major update very soon. (Target Date: Weekend of May 4/5)

I've created a new group for beta testers, ACS Beta Testers and it will be open to any script owner who purchased ACS prior to 2013. Because of the significant differences and changes in this next update, I decided it would be best to avoid a repeat of the confusion in the regular owner's group, especially for newer users, when issues with the beta are being discussed, especially considering changes in the setup and customization process.

This first beta set I am planning to distribute only to members of the ACS Beta Testers group. Inevitably there will be bugs, feature combinations that never came up during testing that may have conflict, and not all of the new pending features and options will be initially in the beta. Documentation may be lacking and not all mods will initially be ready for use, etc, as with previous betas. The beta process has been extremely helpful in the past and helped prompt several new features and improvements.

So, if you are a "heavy" user of ACS and wish to participate in the (rather casual) testing process (and have been a script owner since prior to 2013), then drop me an IM or notecard for an invite to the ACS Beta Testers group.

I know, not another group to join, but you don't have to stay in the group forever, and really I want to keep the beta discussion out of the main user group as much as possible.

As always, your feedback and suggestions are extremely helpful. Many popular suggestions have been or are being incorporated in the pending update as well as some new surprises, and some more obvious features that were lacking in the current ACS for non-motorcycles.

Based on past experience, I would anticipate the beta process to take several weeks at a minimum. If you are a seller of vehicles scripted with ACS, please do not hold off on your next release until the official update, as there is no guaranteed date which it will be ready. As with past betas, owners are free to use betas in sales vehicles, though it may be best to wait.

- Karyn

P.S. K-Damage testers, the development of that has been on the backburner while the new ACS is being put together, but there will be more to come for K-Damage, as well as simpler integration in ACS for combat systems such as VICE or your own custom ones.