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March 31, 2014

Paintjob Recorder Tool Update

Minor update distributed to owners of the v7 Paintjob Recorder Tool and limited v7 test group. Your existing recorded paint jobs are fine and nothing needs to be done to your vehicles, simply delete your old version of the Paintjob Recording Tool script and use the new one (C+ version) in its place when recording future paint. This update was manually sent to individual users, if you purchased the v7 Paintjob Recorder Tool and did not receive the (C+) update in inventory, contact me inworld.

March 29, 2014

v6.05 Passenger Prim Root Sit update

These are useful updates to v6 installs to prevent occasional errors on region crossings, mostly with passenger prims. I advise using them for future v6 installs. You will need to re-do any animation positions if updating an existing build, so you may not find it necessary to go back and patch all of your vehicles. From extensive testing, these passenger region crossing issues seem to be more of an issue on water crossings.

Posted to the Script Owner's Group or get it by wearing the Owner's Group group tag and touching the Update Machine at my shop:

March, 2014

v7 beta is currently available to all script owners free of charge in the update machine at the main shop.

v7 is currently not yet for sale or officially supported, but as with all updates since v1.0, will be free of charge to all script owners.

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